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    WITH THE HEAVENS restored to their natural hue, it seems to all that balance has returned to the world of Komos. As revolution continues to stir in the heart of Aether behind Adonis and his reformists, however, Nerissa Smith and her companions find themselves caught up in a five-hundred-year-old conspiracy about Aether and Erebus Evenellis and the mythical envoys of Chaos, the angels. What’s more, Poseidon has told them that balance has not returned at all; the Heavens are falling, and it is only a matter of time before they drop for good.
   In surprising accordance with the sea nymph Circe’s guiding wisdom, they find themselves following in the footsteps of the legendary Atlas beyond the uncrossable border into Erebus, to the village Nerissa and Poseidon’s father grew up in. But Chaos’s bond with Poseidon grows more taxing by the day, and so too does the ever-widening distance between him and Nerissa.
      Lost without her mother’s guidance, she is powerless to help him, and with each passing day she becomes less and less confident that this fight is worth losing her family for, when Poseidon is the only thing she even has left of it. One thing is certain, though: unless they can find a way to stop the Heavens from crashing down upon them, there will be no war to be fought at all.

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